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Auto Detailing

Automobile Detailing Eco-friendly cleaning of your car’s interior not only makes it look great, it also reduces the spread of germs and increases trade-in value. Green Ingenuity has now expanded our green, eco-friendly cleaning solutions and procedures to include detailing of your car, mini-van, pickup or SUV interior. Exclusive use of our “Green Certified” cleaners, Polti™ […]

Pet Damage

Pet Damage Restoration Pet accidents on rugs, carpet or upholstery can be frustrating and expensive occurrences. Green Ingenuity can help but it’s important to not neglect these spots and to act quickly. As soon as soiling has been detected contact us to arrange thorough cleaning of the affected areas. Loose area rugs and upholstered cushions […]

Water Damage

Water Damage Restoration Minor water damage to carpet can usually be corrected if attended to quickly by extracting the water, drying and then cleaning and sanitizing. Don’t let wet carpet go to waste. Water damage from leaking plumbing or heating pipes can be mitigated if corrective actions are taken quickly. Thoroughly extract the water from […]


Upholstery Cleaning We provide safe, guaranteed cleaning care for your fine upholstered furniture Cleaning is done on-site in your home Each technician is a qualified, experienced and certified. We use low-moisture upholstery tools to prevent shrinkage and other problems associated with over-wetting of fine fabrics. Your upholstery is usually dry in 2-3 hours Hot-Water Extraction […]


Residential Carpet Cleaning We guarantee your satisfaction with our in-home carpet cleaning methods that help preserve a healthy indoor environment, extend the life of your carpet and help reduce staining to maintain optimum appearance. The Green Ingenuity Carpet Cleaning Method Our system incorporates the following safe, eco-friendly, green carpet cleaning services to insure that the […]


Persian Oriental Afghān Chinese Dhurrie Flokati Braided Wool Silk Cotton Synthetic Nepalese Tibetan Sisal Save 20% when you bring your rugs to our plant Green Ingenuity’s 10 Step Rug Care Method You love your rug! It deserves special attention. Inspection and Identification Every area rug is carefully examined to identify it’s type and construction and […]