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4 Jun 2015

Prevent Falls in Your Home

According to a recent news article by Liam Casey, The Canadian Press Published Wednesday, June 3, 2015, a report by Parachute, a group focusing on injury prevention, examined all injuries across the country in 2010..Falls were the top preventable injury and the biggest drain on the economy accounting for $6.7 billion or 42 per cent of direct costs of injury.

Green Ingenuity and Notable Rugs, as suppliers of Teebaud™ Non-Slip Rug Underlay, can help prevent one common accident: slipping or tripping on loose rugs in your home or business. When this product is installed between loose rugs and any hard flooring or broadloom carpet its built-in adhesive firmly holds your rug in place and helps make your flooring safer. Your rug will not slip, fold, bunch up or curl and its low profile won’t impede foot traffic

You also get the added benefit of protecting your rugs and sub-floor from abrasive wear and Teebaud™ also feels great under foot.

Teebaud™ is easy to install and we custom size it to fit your rug perfectly. Just bring us the measurements of your rug and we will prepare your Teebaud™ while you wait in our store where you can also drop off your rugs for our thorough 10 step cleaning process or you can browse our selection of new Nepalese hand woven rugs. Did you know that we also custom design new hand-woven wool rugs?