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Timely topical articles addressing issues relating to cleaning of rugs, carpet and upholstery

5 Jan 2017

Indelible Holiday memories should be in your mind, not on your carpet

As you get your home back to normal after a busy holiday season of family activities, celebrations and entertaining, you probably can’t help but notice that your rugs, carpet and upholstery have suf

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4 Mar 2016

A Clean Home Can Sell Itself

In a very competitive housing market, attempting to make your home standout from the rest is no easy job. Just trying to get qualified views can be an arduous task. When you do finally get your home r

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9 Dec 2015

Don’t Wait to Clean Your Carpets

With the holiday season in full swing many homeowners may think about putting off carpet cleaning until after the festivities are over. The truth is that if you have soiling or spots that are clearly

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