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28 May 2015

Wool Carpet Could Save Your Life

It seems that every week we are reading in the news about a major fire at a condominium building in Calgary. These fires are quick moving, cause extensive damage and the potential for serious injury is high.

Wool fibre is naturally flame retardant! Installation of wool carpet in both individual condo units and common areas hallways can substantially reduce the spread of the fire and give occupants extra time to safely evacuate the building. There is a great deal of publicity on comparative testing, completed by “The Campaign for Wool ”, and supported by HRM Prince Charles, on the value and virtues of utilizing woolen textiles as opposed to synthetic fibre derived from oil products.

From a flooring perspective, wool is outstanding. Benefits, in addition to fire safety include style, comfort, sound suppression, it is environmentally-friendly both in use and at disposal and it can add the real value to your property

When properly maintained by a qualified professional carpet cleaning company like Green Ingenuity, wool flooring can provide a long usable life similar to good quality nylon and look better doing it.

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