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Safe, eco-friendly, in-home carpet cleaning services
insure the best possible carpet cleaning results

Residential Carpet Cleaning

We guarantee your satisfaction with our in-home carpet cleaning methods that help preserve a healthy indoor environment, extend the life of your carpet and help reduce staining to maintain optimum appearance.

The Green Ingenuity Carpet Cleaning Method

Our system incorporates the following safe, eco-friendly, green carpet cleaning services to insure that the best possible carpet cleaning results are obtained and that your carpets are restored to as near their original appearance as possible.

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction:imagine
    We will strive to meet or exceed your cleaning expectations. If you are not happy with our efforts and the cleaning results we will re-clean at no extra charge or refund the cleaning charge.
  • Pre-treat Spots and High-Traffic Areas:
    This allows our “Green Certified” eco-friendly cleaning agents to be concentrated where needed the most and also gives dwell time to work more effectively
  • Deep Hot-Water Extraction:
    Use of truck-mounted steam-cleaning equipment and our pH balanced conditioned soft-water to remove dirt and spots, restore brilliant color and rinse the detergent agents from the carpet
  • Inspect:
    Remaining spots and/or soiled areas are retreated and re-cleaned as needed to obtain desired results
  • Home Safe cleaning methods, chemicals and equipment:
    Our equipment is safe, quiet and our process leaves no lingering odors or harmful chemical residue
  • Preserve healthy indoor environment:
    Unlike portable equipment, our advanced truck-mounts remove soil, grease, allergens, pollen and molds entirely from your home and into our recovery tank for proper treatment and disposal
  • Firm Estimates – NO hidden extra charges:
    We guarantee we will not pressure you into buying a product or service you do not want
  • Extend the life of your carpet:
    Truck-mounted extraction equipment restores pile height and is more effective at removing damaging abrasive soil particles that cause pre-mature wear of carpet
  • Maintain your carpets’ warranty:
    Major carpet manufacturers state that carpets should be cleaned every 18 – 24 months
  • Reduce permanent staining or spots:
    Our technicians use 15 different solutions designed to help them remove virtually any spot
  • Certified Cleaning Technicians:
    Our technicians are trained, tested and certified
  • Protect your investment:
    Ask us about our Advanced Carpet Protector

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