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Indelible Holiday memories should be in your mind, not on your carpet

As you get your home back to normal after a busy holiday season of family activities, celebrations and entertaining, you probably can’t help but notice that your rugs, carpet and upholstery have suffered at least some abuse. As you take inventory of the spills, spots, dribbles and general soiling that have accumulated, remember that successful […]

A Clean Home Can Sell Itself

In a very competitive housing market, attempting to make your home standout from the rest is no easy job. Just trying to get qualified views can be an arduous task. When you do finally get your home ready for listing and those all-important showings, be sure that your home makes a great first impression. You […]

Don’t Wait to Clean Your Carpets

With the holiday season in full swing many homeowners may think about putting off carpet cleaning until after the festivities are over. The truth is that if you have soiling or spots that are clearly visible then it’s much better have your carpets cleaned now, even if you can’t clean all the areas because of […]

5 Ways to Help Keep Carpets Stay Cleaner Longer

People are always asking, “How can I keep my home or place of business cleaner?” It’s an important question, not only from an aesthetics point of view but also to maintain a healthy indoor environment and protect your flooring investment. So, what should you be doing? Here are some basic guidelines. Entrance Mats The best […]

Prevent Falls in Your Home

According to a recent news article by Liam Casey, The Canadian Press Published Wednesday, June 3, 2015, a report by Parachute, a group focusing on injury prevention, examined all injuries across the country in 2010..Falls were the top preventable injury and the biggest drain on the economy accounting for $6.7 billion or 42 per cent of […]

Wool Carpet Could Save Your Life

It seems that every week we are reading in the news about a major fire at a condominium building in Calgary. These fires are quick moving, cause extensive damage and the potential for serious injury is high. Wool fibre is naturally flame retardant! Installation of wool carpet in both individual condo units and common areas […]

Under the Rug

A Chronology of Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning. Carpet and rug cleaning, in general, has endured numerous growing pains in its decades of evolution. I would like to share some thoughts on how the industry as a whole and Green Ingenuity specifically, has strived to become eco-logically and socially responsible. Ever since people first laid rugs and […]

Winter Carpet Cleaning

and Indoor Air Quality So, it’s winter and most of us we spend more time indoors. It is too cold to play outside and with the extended time indoors and the windows closed, indoor air pollution can increase dramatically. It’s no coincidence that this also the flu-season. Homeowners will typically wait until spring to get […]

When Your Pet Messes Up

Many pet owners find themselves in this situation. You leave your home to run a few last minutes errands only to return to discover that your beloved pet has done it again. They left their mark on your carpet or upholstery! It’s important to act quickly and  take corrective actions before this becomes a much bigger issue. A […]

Upholstery Cleaning

With many homes now having far less carpet and consequently having a professional cleaner at your home perhaps less frequently, it is important to remember to not neglect your upholstery. Modern upholstery fabrics are often not robust and require regular attention to keep your furniture looking great, minimize wear, reduce permanent staining and fading and help keep […]