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22 Dec 2014

When Your Pet Messes Up

Many pet owners find themselves in this situation. You leave your home to run a few last minutes errands only to return to discover that your beloved pet has done it again. They left their mark on your carpet or upholstery!

It’s important to act quickly and  take corrective actions before this becomes a much bigger issue.

A few steps you can follow your self:

  • Blot (do not rub) the excess with an uncolored absorbent towel
    fold the towel and place it over the spot and press (or stand) until no more moisture is being transferred to the cloth(s)
  • Rinse the spot with clean warm (not hot) water but do not saturate the spot
    a mixture of 1 tsp in 1 cup of warm water can neutralize the acids in the urine
  • Blot up as much of the moisture again
  • Leave the spot covered with a dry towel and cover with a barrier (plastic wrap)and
    then place heavy object on top to weigh done on the spot for up to 6 hours

Do not use any soap or detergents, bleach or oxidizers.

If the spot discolor as it dries please contact us to arrange to have one of our trained cleaning technicians come to your home and provide the proper cleaning.