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22 Dec 2014

Winter Carpet Cleaning

and Indoor Air Quality

So, it’s winter and most of us we spend more time indoors. It is too cold to play outside and with the extended time indoors and the windows closed, indoor air pollution can increase dramatically. It’s no coincidence that this also the flu-season.

Homeowners will typically wait until spring to get the carpets cleaned because they don’t want the door cracked open on a cold day. It is right to be concerned with the energy loss and costs of letting warm air out of your home to allow carpet cleaners to clean, but realistically, the energy loss is minimal and your home quickly recovers from the inconvenience. The benefit of having a clean and healthy home far outweighs the energy loss.

During the winter, we track in snow, ice-melt, and salt.  Additionally, our pets stay inside more in the winter; they also drag in dirt, snow and mud.  Your carpet is the biggest air filter you have and traps the soil and allergens, which get kicked into the air as you walk on the carpet. This filter, the carpet, must be cleaned regularly, even in winter, especially for people with respiratory issues and asthma.

Also, staying indoor means there will be more contact with the carpet than there was in spring and summer. The heavily traveled or traffic areas will take more abuse during the winter and if not properly maintained, will shorten the life of the carpet and may cause irreversible wear.

Carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction cleaning of your carpet every six to twelve months.

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