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Teebaud® Rug Underlay

Keep your rug in place
Protect your rugs and floors


Unique fabric construction lasts indefinitely
The thin, light, fluffy Teebaud® underlay is made from two non-woven polyester fabrics that are permanently needle-punched together. The white fabric was developed specifically for application over carpeting, the gray for use on hard floors. These fabrics will not rot, crumble, flatten out, or shed fibers.

Absolutely skid-proof
Both sides of the Teebaud® underlay are lightly coated with a scientifically formulated, clean-lift, water-based adhesive. So, unlike ordinary nonskid underlays, the entire Teebaud® underlay actually grips the rug backing and the carpet or floor, firmly anchoring the rug in place to eliminate all movement and buckling. Hotels, restaurants, and other commercial establishments use the Teebaud® rug underlay because it works better than any other nonskid underlay. Yet, the clean-lift adhesive allows you to pick up and re-position your rug.

Harmless to carpets, floors and floor finishes
The Teebaud® underlay’s clean-lift adhesive is completely harmless to carpeting and all floor materials and finishes.

Cushions, protects
The fluffy Teebaud® underlay cushions rugs to prevent fiber damage and allows continuous airflow to prevent unwanted moisture and mildew buildup.

Completely odorless
Unlike many rug underlays, the Teebaud® polyester-fabric underlay is completely odorless.

Easy to install
The Teebaud® rug underlay is as easy to install as an ordinary rug underlay. Simply cut it to the appropriate size, lay it out with the correct side facing down (white over carpeting, gray over hard floors), then place the rug.