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Carpet Cleaning

We provide dependable, carpet cleaning, in Calgary, of commercial space including offices, retail stores, elevator lobbies and common areas in both office towers and condominium buildings. We are also a recognized provider for health facilities, both large and small, as well as sports venues and restaurants.

What “R” you looking for in a Carpet Cleaner?


Green Ingenuity takes pride in our technicians’ ability to consistently achieve the outstanding cleaning results that you expect. We have the knowledge, expertise and experience to re-mediate the most demanding cleaning problems. Making sure that not only the best equipment for each job is utilized but also that the correct cleaning method is selected is one of our advantages.

Our proven track record over 35+ years of serving Calgary portfolio managers guarantees that we can fulfill your needs successfully.


We know that your schedule as a property owner or manager is demanding so we make it an imperative that our cleaning commitments are met on time, every time. There are few things more frustrating than preparing your property for cleaning and then having a contractor show up late or not at all!

We have the staff, equipment and resources to be able to overcome unexpected events, planning glitches or even that last minute phone call.

You are able to reach us immediately for urgent or emergency calls 24/7.


Green Ingenuity has adopted a pro-active attitude in being a responsible corporate citizen.
Safety and the respect and protection of your property are our first priorities.

We use “Green Seal” approved cleaning agents to insure that no harmful chemicals are left in the indoor environment or introduced into the outdoors and we mandate that all waste-water is recovered for proper treatment and disposal.

Up-to-date training and on-going technician certification allow us to offer our staff a long-term career and that reflects in our performance.

Green Ingenuity was a pioneer in creating “Carpet Appearance Programs” for large installations to provide preventive wear extending benefits. We are recognized by the leading carpet manufacturers.

Green Ingenuity is BBB A+ rated!