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Indelible Holiday memories should be in your mind, not on your carpet

As you get your home back to normal after a busy holiday season of family activities, celebrations and entertaining, you probably can’t help but notice that your rugs, carpet and upholstery have suffered at least some abuse. As you take inventory of the spills, spots, dribbles and general soiling that have accumulated, remember that successful […]

Prevent Falls in Your Home

According to a recent news article by Liam Casey, The Canadian Press Published Wednesday, June 3, 2015, a report by Parachute, a group focusing on injury prevention, examined all injuries across the country in 2010..Falls were the top preventable injury and the biggest drain on the economy accounting for $6.7 billion or 42 per cent of […]

Under the Rug

A Chronology of Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning. Carpet and rug cleaning, in general, has endured numerous growing pains in its decades of evolution. I would like to share some thoughts on how the industry as a whole and Green Ingenuity specifically, has strived to become eco-logically and socially responsible. Ever since people first laid rugs and […]