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Forbo Coral Brush Entrance Matting

Coral Brush

Coral Brush mats are considered a great all round performer for dirt and moisture removal. This mat is suitable for all types of entrance areas, simultaneously absorbing moisture and removing dry soiling as the weather demands. The Coral Brush mat will stop up to 94% of walked in dirt and moisture.

Coral Brush mats are manufactured using Econyl® regenerated solution dyed polyamide yarns. Abandoned fishing nets are one of the unlikely sources of unwanted waste material which go to make Econyl. Using Econyl is a way to reduce existing waste, avoid additional manufacturing related pollution, and keep consumption of natural resources and energy to a minimum. Coral Brush mats contributes to LEED credits.

This mat has an unique construction consisting of three types of yarn, each offering a different benefit. Capillary yarns with their large surface area, absorb moisture; active scraping yarns help to brush the soil from shoes and heavy duty textured yarns help Coral Brush to retain its good looks, providing the resilience needed to withstand heavy pedestrian and wheeled traffic. Coral Brush has the capacity to hide a lot of dirt from view.

Total Thickness: 9 mm
Weight: 8 lbs/sq.m.